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The executive board of the Company boasts heterogeneous profiles and undoubted competence in the respective sector with turnovermore than €100 million and over 350 direct employees: FAMILIA SRL, GIGROUP SRL, DIAMANTE SRL, GVS SRL, LAZZARINI GIANNI, CHALET BANQUETING SRL, PLP HOLDING SRLsupported by a management with over twenty years of proven hotel experience in hospitality national and international such as: Holiday Inn, Radisson, Marriot.

A tailor-made approach that places the staff and management team of the Kleos Hotel Group at the service and support of A LIVE AND ENGAGING EXPERIENCE

KLEOS HG is a group also committed to sustainability, the management has established ambitious objectives to be achieved, based on 4 fundamental strategic axes: acting in agreement with its collaborators, increasingly satisfying customers, innovating executive processes in collaboration with partners , act in synergy with local communities also for the benefit of the environment.

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A stay in our facilities that best expresses the original interpretation

and incomparable Italian hospitality which starts from the beating heart of Milan

with further development in:

Verona, Venice, Abano Terme and Curtain.

Each structure is identified with its city of origin and becomes a new point of reference.

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